M192 : Hundin, the Bandit Chief
Scale : 32mm Type : Single Year : 1991 Avg. Price (€): 8.05
Collection : Fangorn
Race : Man Profession : Thief Click on the picture to open the large version
Ethnic Group : Woodman You can buy this reference directly from Mithril
Gender : male Weapon : sword
(The picture above, if any, is ©Mithril Miniatures)

(MERP Creation) Hundin is the leader of the group of seven bandits of Tir Limlight. Being half-dúnadan, half-northman, he once served in the Gondor army near the river outpost. He may sometimes think about becoming lawful and cease his bandit activities, but so far he has not renounced his current life.

On a side note, this figurine is supposed to represent a close friend of Chris Tubb in real life

Number of Parts : 1 Parts : single piece
Click on the picture to open the large version Rarity : Uncommon Availability : In Production
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