MS423A : Galadriel (unreleased)
Scale : 32mm Type : Single Year : 2005 Avg. Price (€): 67.75
Collection : Unreleased Prototypes
Race : Elf Profession : Sage
Ethnic Group : Noldo This reference is not sold by Mithril anymore
Gender : female Weapon : none
(The picture above, if any, is ©Mithril Miniatures)
Quote from Chris Tubb concerning this Galadriel prototype :
"[...]Last year (i.e. 2005) I made a couple of copies of the earlier Christmas gifts in 32mm (i.e. 1988 and 1992), with a view to finding a suitable figure for the re-launch of the Mithril fellowship. Some samples were cast of both figures and it was eventually decided to use the Aragorn figure as the Fellowship emblem. We also decided to create a " Fellowship" theme for the subsequent figures which would not, therefore include Galadriel. I gave her the 423B (editor's note : actually it is 423A) designation before the test castings were made, purely to avoid confusion for the casters."
Number of Parts : 1 Parts : single piece
Click on the picture to open the large version Rarity : Unfindable Availability : Prototype
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