MS601 : Queen Mirien of Gondor
Scale : 32mm Type : Single Year : 2014 Avg. Price (€): 23.25
Collection : Mithril Fellowship
Race : Man Profession : Noble Click on the picture to open the large version
Ethnic Group : Gondorian You can buy this reference directly from Mithril
Gender : female Weapon : none
(The picture above, if any, is ©Mithril Miniatures)

This figurine is the 97th winning suggestion of the "Gold Fellowship" for the month of July 2013, submitted by Thijl "Mornedhel" Duval.

(MERP creation) Queen Mirien is the wife of king Tarondor of Gondor, she is ruling over Minas Ithil in Minas Ithil ICE module

Number of Parts : 1 Parts : Mirien
Rarity : Uncommon Availability : Fellowship Only
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