MZ651 : Dwarven scribe
Scale : 32mm Type : Single Year : 2018 Avg. Price (€): 20.80
Collection : Mithril Fellowship
Race : Dwarf Profession : Scribe Click on the picture to open the large version
Ethnic Group : None You can buy this reference directly from Mithril
Gender : male Weapon : none
(The picture above, if any, is ©Mithril Miniatures)

Dwarven scribes were often charged with the responsibilities of recording their people's history or commercial transactions for prosperity.

This figure was a winning concept from a Portrait month. A rare event where the sculptor will base the face of the figure off the Fellowship member's likeness.

This is the 146th release in the Gold Status Fellowship club and was August 2017's Winning idea. It was suggested by 'erchamion'. Measures 31mm in height from base to top of candle.

Number of Parts : 8 Parts : Dwarf, base, desk, 2 x arm, 2x leg, 2x leg of the stool, candle
Rarity : Uncommon Availability : Fellowship Only
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