MZ659 : Arwen grieving in the forest
Scale : 32mm Type : Single Year : 2018 Avg. Price (€): 17.50
Collection : Mithril Fellowship
Race : Elf Profession : Noble Click on the picture to open the large version
Ethnic Group : Half-Elf You can buy this reference directly from Mithril
Gender : female Weapon : staff
(The picture above, if any, is ©Mithril Miniatures)
MZ659 Arwen grieving in the forest was released at the start of June 2019. This shows her sharing the Doom of Luthien by choosing to share a mortal life with Elessar. She lived in Cerin Amroth among the fading beauty of Lorien, ever mourning her lost love.
This was originally the winning idea from April 2018.
Number of Parts : 3 Parts : Arwen, base, staff
Rarity : Uncommon Availability : Fellowship Only
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