My name is Christophe Giacopazzi, but many people on the internet know me as Gildor Inglorion. I was born in 1978 in Marseille, France and I work in computers as a System administrator (and occasionnaly webmaster).

My passion for Mithril is as old as my passion for Tolkien works themselves, which I discovered back in 1994.
Since the beginning, Mithril figurines have always been a perfect miniature representation of the Tolkien Middle-Earth Universe, in the same way Enya songs has always been the perfect musical background for the books (well, that's my point of view).

At first, I just bought some Mithril figurines, but soon enough I began buying all that I could find because I saw them slowly disappearing from the shelves. I also registered to the Mithril Fellowship in France (through Prince August) but soon enough alas, I stopped collecting because of other occupations I had, so I was just buying new ones when they were released.

In 2001, my favorite roleplaying retailer told me he had a very rare figurine for sale unblistered. Actually, a collector was selling away his collection. This figurine was the M16, which was known to be the rarest figurine of the Mithril classical range (M), and it was sold for quite nothing (45€ ~ £30). From this moment on, I focused once again on this collection, trying to complete it the best way I could, thanks to many contacts on the Internet and soon enough Ebay. The hardest part (finding the M16) was already done after all. In five years I have managed to buy, or trade all the figurines I was missing in the M range and now my collection is complete... well... the released M Range.

I soon focused on finding the other rare figurines, the Christmas Edition ones. I thought I had missed them only because I was unaware of their existence : as a member of the French fellowship I was not informed, because they did not communicate about them, unlike the original fellowship from Ireland.
When I first discovered the Mithril website (the old one with black background) I saw they were for sale for members of the fellowship like myself, from 1994 and so on. But none of ther early ones 1988-1993 were available. I found out, later on, that these had never been released or put for sale but were instead very special ones given as gifts or promotional material most of the time. Since that time I have done my best to put my hands on these rarities, along with other uniques (including the famous unreleased warbands MW346 & MW347). So far I have been able to collect the 1990,1992,1993 Christmas figurines and half the MW347 warband. I have been in contact with many Mithril fans and Chris Tubb, the sculpter and founder of Mithril, and all the informations I have gathered will now be available for all of you! .

As a passionate of Tolkien and Mithril at the same time, and as a collector for more than 10 years now , I have decided to build an entire website dedicated to these figurines, on a very informative and artistic way.
I wanted to share my passion, knowledge, pictures of the Mithril Universe with everybody, using an online database which is the main part of this site.
While the main objective of this site is to give as much informations as possible on every mithril-related figurine, now that the MMP website is no more, I also have provided a pricing reference as well as a forum hosting the Many Mithril Pages (MMP) community. The former MMP site hosted a complete and up-to-date database along with an engine for trading. Maybe one day, this site will have all these tools too ; as for the moment, it remains the most detailed database tool for Mithril on the Internet. (well... once it will be filled completly)

I hope you'll enjoy the visit and feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions, ideas, (or if something does not work well)


Christophe "Gildor Inglorion" GIACOPAZZI

(the pictures of M16 and 1993 Isildur are copyright Mithril, The Gildor Inglorion illustration is copyright Alan Lee)