02/21/12 Collection Management and Trading Engine are fully operational. The database is up to date with the last new releases. New Phaeton figurines will be released on February 29th

09/05/10 The translation in french is over. the Collection Manager section is now open for MMP members willing to manage their collection online. It is fully functionnal. The Trading possibilities are not active yet though. The Database is up to date until September 2010. Also there is now possibility to have password protected forums on the MMP boards.

Recent addition of the last released Gold Fellowship in the Database up to MS533! Also available in the Prancing Pony on the MMP forum, a new thread with all the chronological releases of the Mithril Fellowships since 1988!

More than a year since the last "news"... So, what's new?
-This new scrolling news module which is easier to feed and more appealing than a static list of news.
-The database is complete. All references have at least one official image and sometimes several contributors images. I have begun filling the "related references" fields.
-The Mithril Gallery part of the site has been filled with many unique and rarities pictures, along with some conversions and dioramas by the MMP members.
-The MMP forum have a new public category : the Playgrounds of Erebor for the gaming possibilities involving mithril miniatures (wargames, card games, rpg games...)