This page is dedicated to Links which refer to all the Mithril or Tolkien related pages I highly recommend to every passionate :

  • Mithril Related Links
    • Mithril Official Board (where official topics are discussed, along with the Gold Fellowship forum with restricted access to members)
    • Many Mithril Pages (MMP) (the main community of Mithril collectors with Trading possibilities, Discussion boards and complete reference database too) This site does not exist anymore, the new MMP community is now hosted on the dedicated section of this site. I keep the line in the Links section as a souvenir (and for search engines)
    • Arnaud Godet "Mithril 59" Website (another mithril website with all the references and informations on the parts of the figurines)

  • Tolkien Related Links
    • Rolozo Tolkien website (a web site full of illustrations both from reknown artists and fan art)
    • Ted Nasmith's Website (one of my favorite Tolkien illustrator)
    • Tolkien Estate website (under construction, with news about the forthcoming new Tolkien book "The Children of Hurin")
    • Ardalie (a French website with a full encyclopedia of all Tolkien names found in every books, not yet complete. I built this website myself too, with the help of my wife)

If you have other links you would like to see added here, or if you have your own website you would like me to add in this section, please contact me.